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leg refences

Reblogging this not only for artists but also for people who write werewolf (and other animal transformation) fiction.  If a human turned into a wolf, their knee joints would not reverse— what some fic writers mistake for the knee is actually the ankle.  A wolf’s hind feet are relatively long, and they are always walking in way roughly analogous to human “tip-toeing.”

For anyone curious, the artist is Marshall Vandruff and he has a free webinar up on Imaginarium as well as dvds from Gnomon Workshop!





You see that photo collage up there of me in all of my drag glory? You should click on it. Why you ask? To be blunt, it’s a click through link to a GoFundMe page and I want you to give me money.

Sharing this here first because while my lack of a real computer and my desire to preserve my mental health keeps me away from tumblr more or less, I still love you guys very much and I really do need your help (I’ll be blasting this all over both my facebooks soon too, so look for that if you’re friends with me there). I am trying to raise money for a drag pageant I will hopefully be competing in come October 25 in Little Rock, Arkansas, called Mister Southern States USofA:MI. You can read more about it in the GoFundMe. As you might know, Little Rock is a bit of a drive from where I am in Nashville, so I’m basically raising money to finance the trip, the registration fee for the pageant and the hotel more or less. Most of the other expenses (costuming, makeup, props, etc) I have already covered myself out of money I’ve saved from working.

I know a lot of people lately get squicky about fundraising where you don’t “get anything” in return, so I’m going to be upfront about this: mainly what I’m offering in return is my appreciation, and my announcing your name as one of my sponsors at the pageant. However, I am a creative person, so I’m also willing to do some simple work in exchange for a donation, ie. a digital doodle, a small painted canvas, a short custom fan fiction, a small fashion accessory, etc. Just message me and I am sure we can work something out.

I love you guys so much, thank you for everything!


In case the click-through doesn’t work (you wouldn’t believe how hard everything is to do on an old iPad):

Hello friends I am back again. The fundraising has sort of stagnated a bit, but I’m going to keep putting this out there in hopes some of you can help me out. Every dollar is just so appreciated, so I can’t even begin to express what it means to me to have your support in this. I have something to prove here, and I thank you for your being part of me proving it. Got my last package of rhinestones in today, this is so much closer than it seems! Just 10 days!


Final week, and final push for sponsors! Seriously though, I could really use some help. Doing the budgeting today, I have discovered that with what I have in my bank account right now, I’m probably going to be cleared out by the end of the weekend if I don’t raise just the little bit more that is the rest of my goal. At this point, I can afford everything, but I’m not going to have food money for a week afterwards (sacrifice I’m willing to make but I’d rather not if I didn’t have to). Seriously, five dollars is all I ask from any of y’all! Its amazing how quickly several $5 donations can add up. I’ve noticed that the last couple times I’ve reblogged this I’ve gotten absolutely no response, so I’m sure y’all are sick of hearing about it, but please, just one more week of this and I promise y’all I will be out of your hair!


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